Friday, November 4, 2011

New short comic: Oh, Maker

While I'm off in Minnesota for the weekend, I have a special treat for you. Here's a short full-color comic I finished a couple months ago. Consider it a teaser for my upcoming webcomic.
And, as with my earlier effort, this has an audio companion. Queue it up and join me, won't you?

As I've been working on putting this whole OHS thing together, the biggest challenge has been to explain a story that has unconventional character dynamics, to say the least. But then Nathan and I started listening to Janelle Monáe's album The ArchAndroid while we worked, and this song stuck out to me.
Because it seemed to basically be about my guys. It was eerie.
So yeah, this became a challenge to introduce some of my characters with some lyrics and a few pithy images. I hope I did okay.

The lock of grey hair that she gave to him

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